Here is more information on services that we offer for frame owners.

We only offer these services on Weis frames.

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    Make your frame look new again. We offer refinishing on all Weis frames.

  • Tune Up

    We offer two levels of tune up whether you need a quick refresh before a race, or a full reset to get your bike running like new.

  • Components

    Ensure compatibility with your frame when upgrading to the latest tech, or replacing some well-loved parts.


Finishing Options & Information

We can refinish your frame, as well as any components with the following methods:



-Anodizing (Ti Only)

Download and fill out our Finish Form to start brainstorming ideas for your new scheme, or ask for Dealer's Choice and we will surprise you with the finished frame.

Lead Times & Contact

Lead times for refinishing fluctuate around 2-5 weeks depending on the queue for new frame customers.

Reach out to for current lead times, and get the conversation started.


-Stripping Fee for frames is $250.

-Paint starts at $400.

-Cerakote starts at $500.

-Anodizing starts at $500.

-Dealers Choice is $675. Let us design your new scheme and you'll be surprised when you get it. Dealer's Choice is a great option if you are looking for a more complex scheme at a lower cost.

Paint estimates are priced depending on the complexity, labor, and materials.

Tune Up

Tune Up Options


-Includes Wheel true, gear and brake adjustment, headset and bottom bracket adjustments, and full torque check of the entire bike.


-Make your bike run like new again. Includes wheel true & tension, full drivetrain deep wash, brake reset, bottom bracket and headset overhaul & full torque check across bike.

Turnaround ranges from 2-7 days depending on scheduling.

Hand Built Wheels

Full custom options for your dream wheelset - the weirder, the better. Reach out to us to get your ideas flowing.

Pricing & Contact

-Tune Up Refresh is $75 for track, $100 for geared

-Tune Up Reset is $150 for track, $200 for geared.

-Wheelbuild Labor is $100 per wheel.

Reach out to to get started.


Authorized Dealer

We have relationships with some of the best component manufacturers worldwide, and can source the precise part you are looking for to complete the puzzle.


Work with us to ensure bike-wide compatibility with the exact specifications of your Weis.


When it's time to install your new parts, we can help to make the process simple and reliable. We know our frames better than anyone, and will ensure appropriate installation and adjustment to spec.

Reach out to to begin the upgrade process.