Weis Night Race Series 2021

We were so busy building frames and then suddenly, it was late in the season, the hot summer nights were gone, and we hadn’t thrown a single race yet!
Despite being tight on time, we decided to make up for lost time by throwing a full weekend of races, to get as much of it in before the weather turned on us. The idea was simple— have our tried and true 2-race series in the park, and kick it off with a #prototyte late-night street crit.  
The weekend was too much fun! NYC came out in full force. We had rowdy crowds, and top tier riders ready to take on the mix of technical street crit racing, and the fast flow of the park races.
Our Friday night crit was a BIG highlight for us as we tested the waters for some unsanctioned street crits.. More of that to come.. ; ) David Trimble (Red Hook Crit legend) led out the neutral lap so racers could get a feel for the course, which sent riders through several 90-degree turns, in and out of darkness. The energy at the start was high. David Ramirez came out of the darkness to take the first prime, and the lead pack pace stayed fast for all 30 minutes of the race. Manuel Porzner took first, with Weis Factory Racing’s Conor Kennedy putting on a deadly chase for second and Ben Connolly close behind. Brittany O’Neal took the win for the women’s field, with Miranda Kubasti and Emily Clement finishing second and third. 
The Saturday and Sunday races were spicy like last year’s Weis Cup, since the Prospect Park half loop is shorter and a little more technical. Racers had the chance to collect points across both nights, and laid claim to some sick prizes from the sponsors who put up cash and prizes. Saturday saw Manuel Porzner take the men’s win with a blistering 45-second gap off the front, with Chris Salucci and Finn taking 2nd and 3rd. 
Sunday’s race had a big turnout, and the crowd kept up the energy, with a prime for every lap. Manuel managed to pull off a third consecutive win, with Conor and Salucci fighting for second close behind. Brittany swept up all of the women’s primes and prizes, and put in some hard fast laps, despite having no competition in her field. If you’re reading this, ride a track bike, and identify as Women/Trans/Femme, you are missing out on some seriously sick racing and prizes! Come through and race with us! : )
A huge thank you to all of you who came out! We love the energy and we will continue bringing you sick races. Also, a BIG thank you to all of our volunteers and sponsors, Arc’teryx, Honey Wheel Co., Affinity, Central Park Racoons, God and Famous, Trimble Racing, Juanitas NYC, and On the Block with Soho, who supported and hooked it up with rad prizes.
Weis Night Race Series 2021
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